Join the Board



A Board of 7-9 co-op members are voted in by the membership for 3 year terms to govern and oversee the health and wellbeing of the co-op. Any member in good standing with the co-op is eligible to vote or run in the election which take place at the Annual Meeting.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly and are open to any member who would like to attend. Currently, Directors review co-op business, collectively develop operations, vote on important issues, and provide vital direction and advice for Growing Our Co-op Together.

Contact Elizabeth Angello at to receive notification for the schedule of Board meetings.

Officers 2018-2019

  • President – Elizabeth Angello (2012)
  • Secretary – Open
  • Treasurer – Abby Laufer (2015)

Directors 2018-2019

  • Lynda Akerman (since 2015)
  • Dan McManus (since 2016)
  • Linda Van der Muelen (since 2018)
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

Thank you to our former Board Members!

  • Mayor Clarence Speed (2012)
  • Jim Cashen (2012)
  • Jeff French (2012 - 2013)
  • Laura Summer (2014 - 2015)
  • Irene Young (2014 - 2016)
  • Charlie Doheny (2015 - 2017)


Thank you to our owner-members who formed the Collaboration Team to develop the Philmont Cooperative and its business plan.

  • Kathy Abeyatunge
  • Elizabeth Angello
  • Sally Baker, Philmont Beautification, Inc.
  • Faith Benson
  • Sheri Bolevice
  • Hugh Williams


Philmont Beautification, Inc., provides ongoing technical assistance and program development continuing our long-term collaboration with the not-for-profit community development organization who funded the re-adapt renovations of the co-op building and site, equipped the kitchen and market, and was a member of the Collaboration Team. To make a donation to support ongoing technical assistance and educational programs for the Philmont Cooperative contact PBI at